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Transport Security

Promist SA - Transport security

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Promist SA - Transport security

The object of the Transport sector is the coverage in the transported goods, by any recognized means of transport, for any damage or loss, as a result of a violent and external event, if provided by the current insurance terms and the restoration of the insured person to the financial condition in which it was prior to the occurrence of the damaging event.

Transport insurance programs provide you with the protection you need from damaging events and allow you, the people who are dealing with trade, to take commercial risks with greater confidence, expanding your business activities.

Especially when the cost is a small percentage of the commercial value of the items, while the benefit is mainly the securing of your interests and the viability of your business.

Coverage in the Transport sector is divided according to the client and based on its insurance interest:


The concerned owner of the cargo is the insured person.

The concerned carrier / forwarder, who directly or indirectly undertakes the transport and who is liable for material damage or loss during the time the goods are in its possession, is the insured person. At Promist SA we can provide you with the insurance coverage you need in cooperation with the most reliable insurance companies.

We care for your safety and your immediate service whenever you need us!

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    At Promist S.A. we cooperate with the largest insurance companies, in Greek and International, that operate in our country.

    200 partner insurers and agents, with over 50,000 customers, 1 branch and one office (1) in partnership with Allianz.

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