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Promist SA - Livestock

Livestock insurance: At Promist SA we can provide you with insurance protection in cooperation with the most reliable insurance companies for the Animal Population from the risk of loss of Animals due to death from risks. It is more than security, offering a comprehensive solution to our customer: farmer, stockbreeder, food processing company, livestock unit, etc.
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The daily routine of your work

Think about how many hours you spend in your daily life for your work.and how an unexpected event can turn it all upside down, and we just mention how difficult manual work it is and what is the necessity for working hours, the difficult and unpredictable living conditions of the animals, the limited control of the herd by the breeder, etc., which you who experience it know about these better, and you should emphasize on the insurance of your Livestock.

Livestock insurance

  • Accident
  • Diseases / illnesses
  • Fire
  • Lighting
  • Heta stroke
  • Natural phenomena: Hail, Frost, Storm, Flood, Snow, Heatwave, Solar Radiation, Landslide / Subsidence, Earthquake.

There is also the possibility of extending Coverage for Dairying Animals for Loss of Milk Production as a consequence of a Covered Risk.

  • Chicken: for Meat / Dairy
  • Pork
  • Caprine Animals
  • Cattle: for Meat / Dairy
We care for your safety and your immediate service whenever you need us!
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    At Promist S.A. we cooperate with the largest insurance companies, in Greek and International, that operate in our country.

    200 partner insurers and agents, with over 50,000 customers, 1 branch and one office (1) in partnership with Allianz.

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