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We Build
Trust Relationships…

Promist Guidance

Our goal is to be actively close to our Partners, in order to provide full guidance and support in their daily lives. Promist SA is developing with a network in all regions of Greece.

Large Opportunities

Our partners have the opportunity to work with the largest and most reliable insurance companies, providing solutions to their clients, through modern electronic methods, pricing in all insurance sectors, registration of applications, monitoring of productive customer data and development of compensations and other electronic updating applications.

Lifelong training

Lifelong training is also provided, through specialized assistance in the Life, Health and Other General branches from the training departments of the cooperating companies and from the Promist SA training department. We provide even greater support to the new Partners, for their fastest possible training and information on the companies’ insurance programs and sales techniques so that they can be supported in their first steps in the profession.
  1. Ζωής
    • Επενδυτικά
    • Αποταμιευτικά
  2. Υγείας
    • Νοσοκομειακά Προγράμματα
    • Ομαδικά
  3. Λοιπούς Γενικούς
    • Αστική Ευθύνη
    • CyberEdge
    • D&O
    • Αγροτικές Ασφαλίσεις
    • Ζωικό Κεφάλαιο
    • Μεταφορών


The support we provide to our partners, enables us to have a partnership with perspective and with productive and financial outcomes for all of us. Those who work with us have the opportunity to participate in incentives

The purpose of all is to create a strong team of Insurance Brokers with common goals, professionalism and vision.

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    At Promist S.A. we cooperate with the largest insurance companies, in Greek and International, that operate in our country.

    200 partner insurers and agents, with over 50,000 customers, 1 branch and one office (1) in partnership with Allianz.

    FCH link Vasili Tsitsani 65, Trikala, ΤΚ 42100
    FCH link Anthimou Gatzi 4, Larisa, ΤΚ 41222
    FCH link(+30) 2431 077786
    FCH link