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Against all risks insurance

Promist SA - Against all risks insurance

Technical Insurance is a fast-growing sector, since its coverage concerns the high technology that is rapidly entering our lives, (electronic equipment insurance), the mechanical equipment that exists in all factories, (mechanical equipment insurance) and especially all the various projects, which are carried out and will be carried out, (insurance of contracting and assembly).

All-Risk insurance policies are probably the most modern kind of insurance. They cover All Risks and provide you with full insurance coverage against any risk, with the only exceptions being those that are explicitly mentioned in the insurance policy, and which are essentially risks that are not covered by insurance (e.g. war).

Here are some common All-Risk insurance policies:

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    Against All Risk of Technical Works

    The Insurance against All Risk of Technical Works covers you for the sudden and unexpected damages that will occur during the execution of Civil Engineering works (e.g., buildings, road constructions, water supply-sewerage works etc.) or Assembly works (e.g., metal buildings, production machinery, etc.) due to sudden and unforeseen causes.

    You are covered both for the material damages in the same project due to causes such as fire, natural disasters and earthquake, as well as for your Civil Liability towards Third Parties.

    In addition, your Employer Liability for accidents that will occur to those persons that your client has at its service with legal employment can be covered.

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    Against All Risk of Mechanical Damage

    Ensure your company’s machinery for internal damage due to any unforeseen and sudden cause.

    • Natural explosion, collapse, etc.
    • Casting and material defects, design & assembly defects, poor workmanships.
    • Short circuit
    • Malicious actions, negligence, carelessness, mishandling, etc.
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    Against All Risk of Electronic Equipment
    Ensure the electronic systems (computers, telephone exchanges, photocopying machines, etc.) of your business against all risks, i.e. for unforeseen and sudden damages that directly affect them.
    • fire
    • water
    • mishandling
    • theft due to burglary etc.

At Promist SA we can provide you with solutions for the above insurance needs in cooperation with the most reliable insurance companies.

We care for your safety and your immediate service whenever you need us!

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