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Η Promist Α.Ε. is the largest insurance company in Thessaly showing rapid growth in recent years. με έδρα τα Τρίκαλα, The headquarters of our company is in Trikala, we maintain a branch in Larissa and an office in collaboration with Allianz. The data of recent years show why insurance companies, partners and customers, trust and support us.
Professional counseling
Valuable ideas
Excellent Timing
Budget Friendly

Available Worldwide

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The aim is to create a network of confidence and optimism, but also satisfaction for our cooperation, aiming at a strong team of insurers and agents with common goals and vision.

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      At Promist S.A. we cooperate with the largest insurance companies, in Greek and International, that operate in our country.

      200 partner insurers and agents, with over 50,000 customers, 1 branch and one office (1) in partnership with Allianz.

      Vasili Tsitsani 65, Trikala, ΤΚ 42100
      Anthimou Gatzi 4, Larisa, ΤΚ 41222
      (+30) 2431 077786