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Promist SA - CyberEdge

promist insurance cyber edge
Promist SA - CyberEdge
CyberEdge: General Data Protection Regulation was adopted by the European Parliament and is already being applied in all member states of the European Union since May 25, 2018.
The Regulation regulates the natural persons rights regarding:
  • their personal data,
  • processing of the personal data.

The leakage of data therefore causes serious financial damages to the company resulting to a fine that may reach up to 20,000,000€.

At Promist SA we consider the insurance of all the companies and professions that maintain or process personal and sensitive personal data necessary against cyber risks with programs that indicatively cover

  • The fine to be imposed by the Data Protection Authority
  • The Loss of Profits of the company
  • The protection of company reputation
  • The provision of Legal Counselling
  • The coverage for blackmails
  • The coverage of Electronic Data
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