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Photovoltaic insurance

Promist SA - Photovoltaic insurance

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During the last years, the evolution of investments in green energy has led insurance companies to create insurance programs to cover photovoltaic installations on roofs or parks.

The programs are aimed at both owners of photovoltaic units or photovoltaic parks, as well as at manufacturers.

They offer coverage during the installation of the photovoltaic unit, covering the entire construction process of the project.

The Insurance Contract covers:

a) The Damages or losses in the project itself due to any unexpected or sudden event, which may be indicatively due to causes such as:

b) Third Party Civil Liability, i.e. any damage or loss that may be caused to Third Parties by the installation work of the photovoltaic unit.

Coverage is provided during the operation of the photovoltaic installation.

There is also the possibility of coverage by a contract against All-Risks and risks, such as:
In addition, there is the possibility of covering the loss of profits, as a consequence of material damage following the occurrence of a covered risk, both in the case of coverage by a Property insurance contract, and by a contract Against All Risk of Mechanical Damage. At Promist SA we have the capacity to cover insurance wise all types of photovoltaic installation in cooperation with the largest and most specialized insurance companies.

 We care for your safety and your immediate service whenever you need us!

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    At Promist S.A. we cooperate with the largest insurance companies, in Greek and International, that operate in our country.

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